Winter / fall leagues

Join a Classic Bowl 2018-2019 Fall/Winter League Program. Enjoy all the benefits of being a Classic Bowl League Bowler.
Pay only $14.95 + tax/lane/hour anytime during public bowling. Join today and enjoy the savings!

To join a Classic Bowl Fall/Winter League, come by and fill out a sign-up form available at our location or send an email to with your name, phone number and your league of choice.

Day League Start Date Start Time Cost Type #/Team
Monday Classy Seniors Sept.10.18 12:50pm $15 Seniors 4/team
Monday 3 R’s Sept.10.18 6:50pm $20 Mixed 4/team
Monday Alberona Sept.10.18 7:30pm $20 Mixed 4/team
Monday Lakeview Bowlers Sept.24.18 7:00pm TBD Mens Singles
Tuesday Glen Abbey Ladies Sept.04.18 9:10am $15 Ladies 4/team
Tuesday Premier Classics Sept.04.18 9:20am $16 Ladies 3/team
Tuesday Real Estate Oct.09.18 12:50pm $20 Mixed 4/team
Tuesday Ladies Petersen Sept.25.18 12:50pm $20 Ladies Singles
Tuesday Senior Swingers Oct.09.18 1:20pm $17 Seniors 4/team
Tuesday Tuesday Mixed Petersen Sept.04.18 7:30pm $30 Mixed Singles
Tuesday No Frills Sept.11.18 7:00pm $19 Mixed 4/team
Tuesday Irish Club Sept.04.18 7:00pm $21 Mixed 4/team
Wednesday Early Birds Sept.05.18 9:15am $17 Ladies 3/team
Wednesday Morning Glories Sept.05.18 9:10am $17 Ladies 4/team
Wednesday Ladies of the Morning Sept.05.18 9:30am $20 Ladies 3/team
Wednesday Nitehawks Sept.05.18 6:20pm $25 Mixed 4/team
Wednesday Wednesday Night Mixed Sept.05.18 6:20pm $20 Mixed 4/team
Wednesday Wednesday Mixed Petersen Sept.05.18 6:50pm $30 Mixed Singles
Wednesday City Limits Sept.05.18 9:00pm $25 Mixed 3/team
Thursday AM All Stars Sept.06.18 9:30am $20 Ladies 3/team
Thursday TALL League Sept.08.18 12:45pm $15 Ladies 3/team
Thursday Socialites Sept.06.18 6:20pm $23 Mixed 4/team
Thursday Deerfield Golf Club Oct.04.18 6:20pm $19 Mixed 3/team
Thursday Oakville Mens Major Sept.06.18 8:00pm $30 Men's 4/team
Friday Silver and Gold Sept.07.18 12:50pm $15 Seniors 4/team
Friday Classic 48 Sept.07.18 6:20pm $25 Mixed 4/team
Friday Friday Niters Sept.07.18 6:30pm $25 Mixed 4/team
Friday Oakville Sociables Sept.28.18 7:00pm $22 Mixed 4/team
Saturday Youth Crew Sept.08.18 9:30am $15 Youth 3/team
Saturday Special Olympics Sept.08.18 10:30am $11 Mixed 4/team
Sunday Classic 6 Sept.09.18 10:00am $25 Mixed 4/team